Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steak Fry Speeches, Part 2

Enter Edwards.

Edwards talking about that all-too-familiar theme -- change.

"We need universal heath care."

Edwards talking about standing up to lobbyists.

"Don't believe you can bring about change... without standing up to them."

Edwards discussing the health care story about James...

"When are we ever going to stand up to the health care companies and their lobbyists in Washington?"

"Lord knows we need a democrat in the White House."

"90-100 billion dollars a year" to pay for universal health care under Edwards plan, he says.

"It ain't cheap."

Edwards now talking about alternative energy... "It's time to be patriotic about something other than war. It is time -- time for us to sacrifice."

"We need YOU to bring about change."

Onto economic issues... Minimum wage must be at least $9/hr.

Make it easier to join a union and be able to walk the picket line without having fear of losing your job.

"Need to set a timetable. No timetable. No funding"

Now Edwards is quieting the crowd...

"You're going to be able to look us in the eye and trust us. We desperately need to restore trust in the presidency."

"When you make that decision do one thing: trust your heart."

"God bless you all... Let's make this a historic year for America."

Enter Biden.

Thank-yous... "No matter who you're for you're always gracious."

"I apologize... I'm the last speaker you have to hear."

(Lots of people are heading out of the balloon field -- dinner plans already?)

Biden hitting on the Iraq situation and being critical of President Bush.

"How many more deaths?"

"I have a plan." Start bringing troops home. Iraq is incapable of having a central government... Need three regions.

"We better tell the truth."

"We share common goals (issues): universal health care, education, energy security, global warming."

"Public funding can end this obscene amount of money being spent (on elections)."

"God bless America and God bless our troops."

Exit Biden.

Enter Harkin for ending thank-yous.

So long for now...

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Rick said...

Wow. Ginormous spending proposals and calls for a change to a war policy that is working. Why are you giving the Democrats so much positive coverage and not asking critical questions?