Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Surrender, McCain Apologizes, Gets Help with BBQ Bills

Never Surrender

It's a good thing it wasn't hot outside. John McCain's "No surrender" bus pulled in at 1:21pm by my watch. His event at the AmVets 2 Post in Des Moines was supposed to start at noon. McCain blamed the bus driver's wrong turns for the delay. In fact, I counted at least four apologies from him by the end of his appearance. I don't recall rival, Rudy Giuliani, ever saying he was sorry for making people wait at least an hour for what I think was his first visit to Des Moines as an official candidate for prez.

McCain seemed to make a bit of news during his stop. He promised he would catch Osama bin Laden, unlike President Bush, although he wouldn't say how he would do it. He said he doesn't want bin Laden to know his plans. That's why he said he can't say how he would catch him. He also called on the dems to denounce that "General Betray Us" ad by I haven't seen statements from any dems so far on this.

McCain's money problems have been well-documented over this campaign. We stumbled upon some help for him. A Vietnam War veteran, Lee Booton of Ankeny, manned the barbecue outside AmVets Post 2.
Lee told me the vets got together to donate their time and 260 pounds of chicken, 5 gallons of cole slaw, 8 gallons of potato salad and 4 gallons of beans. He said they did it all for less than $200 and fed nearly 250 people. Why? Lee told me, "He (McCain) is the guy who knows more than anyone else in there. I trust him because of his knowledge of what he's gone through. I mean, you spend six years as a P.O.W. See how you like it." He added, "See that (the flag of the U.S. Navy) flag? Navy brothers stick together."

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Alliegirl said...

What the?!
He can't make promises like that!! I mean...c'mon...yeah, it's a promise that everyone would like to see achieved but when he follows that up with Shhhhh....can't tell ya how I'm gonna do it...yada yada yada...I wanna surprise him...... Can we really take that or him seriously?
Personally I think bin Laden's probably living down here on the South Side somewhere, running around in his favorite Nascar shirt, maybe works at the Zoo or something, going by the name of Tony...who knows...that's the million dollar question...where the world is he?
So if McCain thinks he can catch him....then SWEET, thumbs up and good luck in the race.