Sunday, September 16, 2007

Final Fry Thoughts

This is Jarrett again – Dave’s partner in Iowa caucus crime.

Just a few final thoughts on today’s political beef feast…

As the event was wrapping up it was announced a record attendance of about 12,000 had been set. A quick glance over a thank-you message posted on the host’s website,, reads, “more than 18,000 people gathered at the Indianola balloon field.” If that total from Harkin’s website is correct, the population of Indianola (about 13,000) was easily doubled this afternoon. (We’ll have to check on that one tomorrow). I’m sure those inching along in their cars outside Indianola would surely believe it after they found themselves only covering a few miles over the span of a half hour on their way to today’s hillside BBQ.

Of course aside from presidential politics, food was a definite focus today – and I should have eaten some. Running on a biscuit and a large iced coffee from nine in the morning clearly didn’t suffice as I found myself drained mid-afternoon just as the crowd began its exodus and the final candidate (Sen. Joe Biden) took the stage. Dave, on the other hand, took advantage of the “media rate steak” over the noon hour. He usually eats afterwards. Here’s his culinary review from an earlier post:

“The steak was o.k., I guess. You can’t expect too much more when they have to prepare thousands of them. I’ll still take my Dad’s.”

Now back to Biden. It’s unfortunate for the senior senator that he drew the short straw on the speaking order. There were two noticeable crowd-thinning occasions. The first came after Hillary Clinton spoke and the other when John Edwards (who was second to last) concluded. Batting cleanup, Biden said, “I apologize that I’m the last speaker you have to hear and for being as serious as I’m about to be.” Biden went on to briefly touch on just a few issues and focused on his plan in Iraq which involves dissolving its central government and splitting the country into three separate self-governing regions.

Finally, Sen. Hillary Clinton was sure to put in a plug during her speech for tomorrow’s “major” policy announcement where she is expected to unveil a detailed plan for universal health care.

More on that tomorrow.

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