Friday, July 28, 2006

No Secretary Dopf

Doesn't look like a two-way race for the republican nod for Sec. of State anymore.
Here's a quote...

"I’ve received support from a number of Iowans who would like me to run this fall. I appreciate that support very much, but I believe Iowans need to unite behind Paul Pate," Dopf said. "Paul Pate knows what it takes to run the Secretary of State’s Office efficiently and effectively because that is what he did during his four years there."

State dems had already sent out a release earlier today. Did they know something?

This is a quote from IDP Exec. Director Mike Milligan:

"Paul Pate has continually made missteps when it comes to the truth and integrity," said Milligan. "His legacy as Iowa's Secretary of State is marred by mistruths, shameless self-promotion and broken promises."

The Doctor Is (Not) In

Before I ever got the chance to use the line..."Mauro's ready to go toe-to-toe with Allison for Secretary of State"...the republicans stub their toe (yeah, I know).

Allison says he's dropping out for "personal reasons." Now repubs have to find a new candidate.

Bob Dopf--Allison beat him in the primary. He's interested. His website still works.

Paul Pate--He had the job already. He said he'll think it over this weekend.

For those of you who don't believe Fallon is NOT a candidate for governor this fall, you might want to check out the email I just received from his peeps. It's his elex day schedule...well, it's his sked for the June elex. Hop into your flux capacitor and go seem him (again).

MEDIA ADVISORY For more information, contact:

June 5, 2006


7-7:30 am: Waveland Café, 4708 University Ave, Des Moines
7:45-8:15 am: Dahl’s, 3425 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines
8:30-9 am: Zanzibar’s, 2723 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines
9-9:45 am: Pat’s Corner Café, 2716 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines
10 am: Vote, John R. Grubb Community YMCA, 1611 11th St, Des Moines
10:15-10:45 am: Java Joe’s, 214 4th St, Des Moines
11:30 am - 12 pm: Central Senior Center, 1914 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines
12:15-1 pm: Nollen Plaza
1:15-2:00 pm: Gray’s Lake Park
2-3 pm: Bike with the Candidate, meet at Gray’s Lake Park
4:00-4:45 pm: Farmer’s Market, 3200 Delaware Ave, Des Moines
5:15-6 pm: Farmer’s Market, Corner of NW 62nd and Merle Hay, Johnston
6:15-7 pm: Evelyn Davis Park, 16th and Forest, Des Moines

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hold on, Lance! Someone Else is Coming.

Don't count out the dems just yet. I just got an email that Ed Fallon's also taking a seat at RAGBRAI. I understand he's riding into Waukee tonight.


An introduction to Dave Price's video blog...

Wait for Me, Lance!

Another politician's hopping on the RAGBRAI bandwagon. Jeff Lamberti, the 3rd district congressional republican candidate, is doing a leg on Thursday to Marengo. He'll likely do a little shoulder-rubbing with Cycling King Lance Armstrong Wednesday night in Newton, too.
Gub and Lt Gub candidates Nussle and Vander P are also RAGBRAI-ing. No seats for the dems yet.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ready to Ride?

Pretty cool Newton gets to host the most famous cyclist of all time. That town deserves something good. The town's planning a big to-do Wednesday night in the downtown square. Lance Armstrong will speak to the throng. He's doing RAGBRAI, in case you haven't heard. The First Lady will be there, too. The Gov? Nope. He'll be riding in California.

The republican wannabees are riding in on the RAGBRAI parade, too. Jim and Karen Nussle will carry water for cyclists Sunday in Sergeant Bluff (there's probably some kind of "carrying water" smart aleck comment, but I'm striking out right now) The VanderPlaats' will ride from Coralville to Muscatine to wrap it all up.

I'm surpised the prez wannabees aren't riding. Maybe they're saving their strength for the state fair. Fried twinkie, anyone?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Watch Out, Vaudt!

Looks like the dems have found a target to deflect some of that CIETC criticism. They're ganging up on the State Auditor David Vaudt.

Dubuque Senator Mike Connolly got it going Wednesday during hearings of the Legislative Oversight Committee. He started by saying to Vaudt who was testifying before Oversight, "I'm not trying to badger you."

He then lobbied question after question, and, often times, opinionated comment after comment, at Vaudt. He, like some of the other dems, is trying to stick Vaudt with a little blame for what happened. Why did Vaudt allow his employee, Deb Bargman, to moonlight at CIETC? Shouldn't he have asked her who her outside clients (she was allowed to do consulting work on the side, according to Vaudt's testimony) were when he hired her?

Thursday, the state party got in on the action. Here's the release:

Milligan: Dave Vaudt, Stop Dragging Your Feet. Democrats and Republicans Call for Vaudt to Finally Take Action on Employee Linked to CIETC.

DES MOINES – Today, Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan echoed calls from both Democratic and Republican legislators for Auditor Dave Vaudt to finally take action on a high-level employee, Deb Dessert, who failed to alert the Auditor of her husband’s excessive salaries as an employee of the Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium (CIETC).
"Dave Vaudt can’t drag his feet any longer. It is time for him to take action on any employees linked to the CIETC scandal. Deb Dessert works for the state’s top watchdog group, and she failed to alert anyone about her husband’s excessive salary. Auditor Vaudt should take the advice of the legislators and fire Dessert," said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan.

Wednesday, democratic State Senator Thomas Courtney (Burlington) and republican State Rep. Clel Baudler (Greenfield) both called for Vaudt to can Dessert. Vaudt hasn't ruled out action against her, but he says he's still investigating.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Governor Proclaims, "It's hot."

For those of you complaining Governor Vilsack isn't concerned about Iowa as he travels the country running for president, read this. His office just sent this out...

Governor Vilsack reminds Iowans to take precautions during hot summer months

With triple digit heat indexes predicted for today and high temperatures predicted for Thursday, Governor Vilsack reminded Iowans today to continue taking measures to avoid serious health problems associated with summer heat.

"Iowans need to brace for another day of dangerous heat indexes
that are covering most of our state today," said Vilsack. "Local officials are working in communities to supply resources, but neighbors can also help by checking on the elderly or those with chronic health conditions, especially if they lack air conditioning."

Heat exhaustion occurs when sweating, the body's cooling system, fails to eliminate heat fast enough. The signs of heat exhaustion are faintness, rapid pulse, and flushing or reddening of the skin, which is often accompanied by stomachache or headache. When heat exhaustion symptoms occur, Iowans should stop all activity and drink liquids such as water or re-hydrating fluids (Gatorade, Powerade, or Pedialyte for children). They should not drink alcohol, coffee, or caffeinated soft drinks. Those affected should also take a cool shower. Health complications from heat include exhaustion, stroke and dehydration. Heat stroke, a more serious and
potentially deadly condition, is commonly associated with confusion on the part of the affected person, who may also stop sweating. Iowans in this situation should seek medical help immediately. While waiting for help, the person needs to be cooled, or if possible, taken to a cooler environment. Dehydration occurs as a contributing factor and comes when fluid and sodium lost by sweating are not replaced quickly enough. A person should continually drink fluids and not wait until thirsty because thirst is a sign of dehydration. It is important to maintain fluids by drinking two to four glasses of cool water or fluids an hour. State health officials encourage Iowans to do the following to avoid health problems associated with heat:

•Take breaks and drink plenty of fluids when participating in outdoor activities like construction, yard work or recreation.
•Limit outdoor activities in the heat of the day.
•Do outside work before noon or in the evening.
•Parents should ensure children are well hydrated.
•Never leave children, elderly or pets in a parked car, even for a few moments. Leaving a window partially open may not be enough to protect those inside from rapidly rising temperatures.

Of course, the Gov won't be in Iowa much. So here's his personal forecast...

St. Louis.....................Washington, D.C.

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's Lamberti

"I've been looking forward to the trip and standing by the next congressman of the 3rd District, Senator Jeff Lamberti." The Veep's intro looks good on paper. Trouble is, looks can be deceiving.

Dick Cheney kept saying, LAM-berti, not Lam-BER-ti.
Oh, well, Lam-BER-ti still took in 150 grand thanks to the veep.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Time for History

Here we are...waiting.

The a.m. started off with a news conference with the Gov. He had an event at 8:30 this a.m. in the Riverbend neighborhood in Des Moines (Ed Fallon's district?)

He said again how the legislators don't have the legal power to override his veto during special session. He said they're not doing this the right way. I asked him why he was doing the event now...just an hour or so away from when lawmakers were set to begin the override process.

He said he needed to show the implications of their action, if they override him. When are they supposed to see this? We don't have a 9am newscast. By the time they watch, this event should be long finished at the Statehouse. Or so we hope.

Boths sides caucused. Repubs were quick (No surprise. Not much drama in what they're about to do.) Dems first met with the Gov. (Last minute plea?) Now they're caucusing. Too bad they don't let us in those things. I'd like to be a fly on the wall. I heard Culver's talking to them, too. I wonder how long this will take.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Help's a Phone Call Away

Help at the Hill...How many guys does it take to run the Gov's office? Does he need help with all his major new policies for the last few months of his lame duck governance while he travels the country? The Gov just brought back Matt Paul for the third time. He left once to go work for Howard Dean. Oops. He left again to go work for Mike Blouin. Oops. Now he's back with Vilsack.

Sorry, Gov
The Gov did offer up a way to avoid the humiliation of the first legislative override since, well, since before I was born (it's been 43 years, I'm told). He wants leaders to go for his less restrictive eminent domain bill. Repubs say, "no way." (no surprise). But even dems told me privately that this override is a done deal, despite late afternoon calls from the gov's office. It looks like the dems just want this vote to be done with, so they can get back to trying to take back the senate, and, possibly, the house in November.

Speaking of campaigning, Virginia's ex-gov Mark Warner did a quick presser with Gov hopeful Chet Culver. While he was talking, a cell phone rang. It was Mike Glover from the Associated Press. His phone always seems to ring during news conferences. Warner told the room not to worry about silencing their phones. Every time he hears that ring, he says, he thinks "cha-ching!" You'll remember in Warner's pre-gub days he made a zillion bucks when he helped found Nextel.

Monday, July 10, 2006

And it's only 2006

I spent part of the day in Nevada. The city, not the state. Mike Huckabee talked about his giant-weight loss to a group of hospital peeps at the Story Co. Medical Center.

I figured it would be no problem to get an interview with him afterwards. He is, after all, spreading his words about how he shrunk his waist to any Iowans who can listen. Or so I thought.

We started the interview. And stopped. And started. And stopped. Turns out some radio station had him booked for a live phone interview. One of his handlers kept breaking in our interview to let him know he needed to get on the radio. Oh, well. Somehow, I think, he'll be back. Hope that radio interview went well.

It's good to be the Gov... First, Governor Vilsack got to watch his beloved Steelers win the Super Bowl in Detroit. Now, he landed tix to the Home Run Hitting Contest before the Major League All-Star Game in Pittsburgh (his hometown). I wonder if he'll be back in time for the real show at the Statehouse on Friday.

Monday, July 03, 2006

He's running

Gov V just got some props for his run (no, not his presidential run). A national story did point out how he walks the walk when he talks the talk.

Here's the deal.... Kentucky's Gov Ernie Fletcher is trying to get his chubbier citizens to get up and move around a little. So you'd think he'd be willing to lead by example and walk home from work every night. Did I mention he lives 500 feet from his office?

It turns out, a limo takes him home every night. 500 feet! How much is gas again?

Here's the story that's picked up in the Kentucky Post...

"Across the country, several governors who live near state Capitols routinely walk to work. In Iowa, Gov. Tom Vilsack sometimes jogs the three miles from the Capitol to his home at the end of the work day. Like Fletcher, Gov. Chris Gregoire in Washington state, Gov. Rick Perry in Texas and Gov. Haley Barbour in Mississippi routinely ride to work from their homes next door."

O.K., it's not a great quote, but any national press is good press. Right, Gov?