Monday, July 10, 2006

And it's only 2006

I spent part of the day in Nevada. The city, not the state. Mike Huckabee talked about his giant-weight loss to a group of hospital peeps at the Story Co. Medical Center.

I figured it would be no problem to get an interview with him afterwards. He is, after all, spreading his words about how he shrunk his waist to any Iowans who can listen. Or so I thought.

We started the interview. And stopped. And started. And stopped. Turns out some radio station had him booked for a live phone interview. One of his handlers kept breaking in our interview to let him know he needed to get on the radio. Oh, well. Somehow, I think, he'll be back. Hope that radio interview went well.

It's good to be the Gov... First, Governor Vilsack got to watch his beloved Steelers win the Super Bowl in Detroit. Now, he landed tix to the Home Run Hitting Contest before the Major League All-Star Game in Pittsburgh (his hometown). I wonder if he'll be back in time for the real show at the Statehouse on Friday.

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