Friday, July 28, 2006

No Secretary Dopf

Doesn't look like a two-way race for the republican nod for Sec. of State anymore.
Here's a quote...

"I’ve received support from a number of Iowans who would like me to run this fall. I appreciate that support very much, but I believe Iowans need to unite behind Paul Pate," Dopf said. "Paul Pate knows what it takes to run the Secretary of State’s Office efficiently and effectively because that is what he did during his four years there."

State dems had already sent out a release earlier today. Did they know something?

This is a quote from IDP Exec. Director Mike Milligan:

"Paul Pate has continually made missteps when it comes to the truth and integrity," said Milligan. "His legacy as Iowa's Secretary of State is marred by mistruths, shameless self-promotion and broken promises."


Anonymous said...

Quite typical of politicians nowadays. Only shady people are allowed to run for office by the shady people who already hold office. If you aren't one of them, you're definately not one of their "friends". What would happen if we actually got people who were honest as our leadership.?. Well, simple, a much better government who doesn't pander to special interest groups and or selling out our fellow human beings, just so they can get a better golf membership.

So who's the worst in our state and local governemnts? Um, all of them. I have yet to ever see a single politician in our state who is honest. Maybe we should pass a law that says Lawyers can't hold a publicly elected position. Wow, that would so not pass considering almost all of them are and they would lose their control of us, the people. We the people, for the people, by the people... ... Oh wait a second, "we the people, for the few, by an elite group".

Anonymous said...

Took the words right out of my mouth anonymous. But you didn't quite go far enough, it is not just local. National isn't in any better shape!