Thursday, July 20, 2006

Watch Out, Vaudt!

Looks like the dems have found a target to deflect some of that CIETC criticism. They're ganging up on the State Auditor David Vaudt.

Dubuque Senator Mike Connolly got it going Wednesday during hearings of the Legislative Oversight Committee. He started by saying to Vaudt who was testifying before Oversight, "I'm not trying to badger you."

He then lobbied question after question, and, often times, opinionated comment after comment, at Vaudt. He, like some of the other dems, is trying to stick Vaudt with a little blame for what happened. Why did Vaudt allow his employee, Deb Bargman, to moonlight at CIETC? Shouldn't he have asked her who her outside clients (she was allowed to do consulting work on the side, according to Vaudt's testimony) were when he hired her?

Thursday, the state party got in on the action. Here's the release:

Milligan: Dave Vaudt, Stop Dragging Your Feet. Democrats and Republicans Call for Vaudt to Finally Take Action on Employee Linked to CIETC.

DES MOINES – Today, Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan echoed calls from both Democratic and Republican legislators for Auditor Dave Vaudt to finally take action on a high-level employee, Deb Dessert, who failed to alert the Auditor of her husband’s excessive salaries as an employee of the Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium (CIETC).
"Dave Vaudt can’t drag his feet any longer. It is time for him to take action on any employees linked to the CIETC scandal. Deb Dessert works for the state’s top watchdog group, and she failed to alert anyone about her husband’s excessive salary. Auditor Vaudt should take the advice of the legislators and fire Dessert," said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Milligan.

Wednesday, democratic State Senator Thomas Courtney (Burlington) and republican State Rep. Clel Baudler (Greenfield) both called for Vaudt to can Dessert. Vaudt hasn't ruled out action against her, but he says he's still investigating.


Anonymous said...

Great're right on! Love the clever pics!

touchplay said...

Just a smoke screen by democratic HQ. I found it very interesting what WHO TV 13 did on Thursday evening in reference to Ako Samad and Creative Visions. I find it very difficult to believe Ako new nothing about the missing funds belonging to CV. I obtained new information concerning The Directors Council (TDC). Apparently Ako Samad, Romona Cunningham and several other local nonprofit directors received a considerable amount of federal funding last November (over $600,000). The funding was targeted for convicted felons to help them obtain supportive services like job training or job placement. Again, I find it difficult to believe Ako Samad was unaware of any wrong doing by CIETC. Mr. Samad sat on the board of directors of CIETC for 3 years and was the CEO of Creative Visions. One additional tidbit, why was their only one student in the classroom during your interview? I visited Creative Visions job training site last November during the mid week in the late morning hours and no students were present in the computer lab???

IRWB said...

Why are you posting this to Dave Price's blog? Dave didn't even do that story. Go email the newsdesk or something.
Also, your "new" information is not new... It's been mentioned in past media stories.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny, seems the person above me has some political motivation. In any case, most of any funding for newly released inmates is syphoned off for "administrative" funding (aka, expensive vacations and conventions [normal practice round here]). Inmates and former inmates are absolutely not encourages to advance their skills. Our states criminal justice system is specifically designed as a revolving door and the DOC demands growth, just as a business would. I have yet to see a DOC employee even say one shred of truth on television yet. 90% of all Iowa prison violence isn't even caused by inmates, just staff. Newton's version of salsbury steak.?. Ground up cow heart made into a beef patty. And job training.?. Making profit for iowa prison industries, so state employees can receive even more bonuses.

Iowa Wardens average more than $100,000 annually in "performance" bonuses and that is on top of a whole lot of perks and $150,000 in salary.

Then with job training by agencies? Right... In China maybe.