Friday, July 21, 2006

Ready to Ride?

Pretty cool Newton gets to host the most famous cyclist of all time. That town deserves something good. The town's planning a big to-do Wednesday night in the downtown square. Lance Armstrong will speak to the throng. He's doing RAGBRAI, in case you haven't heard. The First Lady will be there, too. The Gov? Nope. He'll be riding in California.

The republican wannabees are riding in on the RAGBRAI parade, too. Jim and Karen Nussle will carry water for cyclists Sunday in Sergeant Bluff (there's probably some kind of "carrying water" smart aleck comment, but I'm striking out right now) The VanderPlaats' will ride from Coralville to Muscatine to wrap it all up.

I'm surpised the prez wannabees aren't riding. Maybe they're saving their strength for the state fair. Fried twinkie, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Are you there? Haven't had a blog for awhile.

Dave Price said...

Some technology problems again. But we're back to bloggin'.