Wednesday, December 13, 2006

President Sagittarius?

Tom Vilsack just turned 56. He spent his birthday balancing his life. He's on a political trip in San Fran as he runs for prez. He's also as Gov trying to get a handle on the fed's raid of the Swift plant in Marshalltown. It was about a day and a half after the raid before his office sent out a release on the Gov's behalf.

It turns out December's a crowded month for the crowded prez field. In fact, December's the most crowded month of all.

Grab a calendar...




12 Mitt Romney



27 Christopher Dodd
28 Rudy Giuliani
31 Duncan Hunter


10 John Edwards
17 Newt Gingrich
24 George Pataki


7 Dick Armey


4 Barack Obama
24 Mike Huckabee
29 John McCain


12 Sam Brownback


4 Chuck Hagel
8 Dennis Kucinich
26 Hillary Clinton


15 Bill Richardson
19 Tommy Thompson
20 Joe Biden


11 John Kerry
13 Tom Vilsack
20 Tom Tancredo
23 Wesley Clark
26 Evan Bayh

So what is it with this Sagittarius crowd? Perhaps, it's in the stars. says this:

Sagittarius is well-suited to any career in which communication skills, knowledge, and inspiration are important. This is an employee who will be versatile, adventurous, and knowledgeable. They tend to be easygoing and good-natured and able to adapt easily to change.

The Archer enjoys a workplace that is lively and stimulating. They are not temperamentally suited to a job that is boring or with no opportunity for growth and learning. Sagittarius prefers a career that allows them the opportunity to expand their horizons, travel, and explore. Sagittarius natives do not like to be constricted in their daily routine or have to adhere to a lot of rules. Motivated by challenges and the chance to prove their abilities, this sign will become a life-long learner and will always be looking for new avenues to pursue. They may change careers several times in their life.

No rules. No problem. Be president.


Anonymous said...

it's a consipiracy i tell you... haha, just kidding. no, it's probably just some freaky coincidence. But in any case, the only person on the entire list of dems who is worth half a hilt, is Obama. And why is easy enough. The guy is "not" a political zealot or professional crony. Simple as that. Heck, as a rooky, he already has handled himself better in a very short time than 99.99% of the rest of Washington has in the last 20 years. Now only if the rest of the dirt bags would get a clue. um, right, like that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that you had to reach to Dick Armey to find one of my fellow children of the month named for Julius Caesar.

Anonymous said...

bayh and clark (at the least) would be capricorns