Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Iowa, Tell Us What You Know

Nevada hopes to make a smooth debut as the number 2 in 08. State dems there are bringing in Jean Hessburg, the former exec director of the Iowa Dem Party, and Jayson Sime, who ran Congressman Boz's successful re-election. They'll help run the state's caucus efforts.

As things stand now for 08, Nevada gets to host the second caucus, right after New Hampshire does the first primary.

Nevada gets the early start, with big help from homestate Senator Harry Reid, because of its diverse population, particularly blacks and hispanics.

BTW, the party says Tom Vilsack leads the prez pack so far with 4 visits to the Silver State (or Sagebrush State. Take your pick).

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Anonymous said...

Sime ran Boz's campaign? On paper only. Sally Bowser was the true campaign manager.