Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One word...Hillary

(Is that pork, Mrs. C?)

She's calling the who's who in Iowa. She wants them to come meet her for dinner in D.C. next Tuesday. Sure sounds like Hillary Clinton is doing some serious thinking about the prez thing.

Why the sudden push? Gordon Fischer, the former Iowa state democratic chair, who is now pushing for Tom Vilsack, told me Vilsack has done so well on his announcement tour, that Mrs. Bubba had to get at it. Others tell me it's not Vilsack, it's Obama. Dems like to call him the "rock star" of the party. They argue that Mrs. C needs to let the big money (and the true organizational types) know that she may run. She needs to lock up their support and their money.

First woman prez vs. first african-american prez vs. adopted son orphaned at birth. Those Iowa caucuses could sure be somethin', huh?


Anonymous said...

Does Gordon Fischer have the biggest mouth in Iowa, or what?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Did you hear the rumor that, if Hillary becomes president, She will want to be called President Rodham?


Anonymous said...

Gordon is the biggest ass kisser/cheerleader Vilsack has. He embarrasses himself and everyone laughs at him.