Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indy Crash

Wow...that Indy crash today was horrific. I must admit, I'm not a huge racing fan. I don't have anything against the sport; I just don't watch it much. That 15-car, fiery crash today is just stunning. Dan Wheldon died in the crash. He won the Iowa Corn Indy 250 three years ago. Thousands of fans watched what happened after his car flew through the air and crashed into the fence. Who knows how many watched live on tv. Sad for the racing community. Sadder still for the family of Wheldon. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.

This is video of the crash. ABC actually had a camera mounted in Wheldon's car.

Wheldon had written on his blog about his frustrations with issues with his car before the race. That brought one challenge made even more challenging still by a promotion. He started in 34th position of the 34 cars. But as part of a challenge, he would get split $5 million with a racing fan if he won. What an awful crash.

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