Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bachmann Campaign Names Eric Woolson Iowa Campaign Manager

Back at it...Michele Bachmann has been struggling for traction. She is turning to an Iowan who took a different candidate who was low in the polls all the way to an Iowa Caucus win. Eric Woolson will be named as Bachmann's Iowa campaign manager and continue to oversee communication, as well, according to two sources close to the situation. The announcement should come Thursday. Woolson held the same role in Mike Huckabee's seemingly improbable (at the time) win in the 2008 Republican caucuses. Woolson has been helping Bachmann's Iowa communications efforts after serving in a similar role for Tim Pawlenty, before Pawlenty bailed out of the race following a disappointing 3rd place finish in the Republican Party of Iowa's Straw Poll.

By the numbers, Woolson has some big work to do. A new Time/CNN poll shows Bachmann in 6th place with just 6%. And even Bachmann's most die hard supporters would have a hard time spinning how a 6th place caucus finish in January would be enough for her to continue towards a successful path towards the nomination. It's hard to see how she would even go forward at all with that kind of finish, especially as the native daughter in the race.

Interestingly, Bachmann has been working to connect with the church-going folks during her frequent weekend visits to Iowa. She's doing another one this weekend.

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