Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grassley Election, Conlin Twitter, Favre Text

Pundit Politician: Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley told us today why the Democrats are in bad shape going into this election. He said they just didn't listen. Here is what he told us at the Covered Bridge Parade in Winterset:

"No one political party can take anything for granted. And if the Democrats had been keeping their ear to the ground the last 15 months, I don't think the trend would be so much in favor of the Republicans."
Grassley's opponent, Roxanne Conlin, has been complaining Grassley has made himself scarce lately. I've noticed she has been dropping in messages in the social media to make her point. Here's what she said in a recent Twitter post:

Charles City ROCKS! Always a great group with smart questions. Floyd County is critical to our victory. And where in the world is Sen G
Foolish Favre: Is Brett Favre really stupid enough to take a cell phone picture of his junk and send it to a woman other than his wife? Wow, and I thought I was just annoyed with the endless "Will he retire or won't he" b.s. after every season with him. Can the NFL really suspend him for this? And Favre won't talk about the whole thing. Sorry, dude, but that doesn't make us think you are innocent on this one. Why won't you talk about the allegations? Maybe you could sext us your response.

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