Sunday, October 03, 2010

The election, Mike Pence

Oh, My!--We really get some doozies in our email inbox here at Channel 13. This one should make us all laugh, until we realize this guy, Gary, is probably serious when he wrote this:

"I went to vote today and Obama wasn't even on the balot. How can the president not be on the balot. That is RACEISM! he will loose if nobody cant vote for him. You MUST INVESTIGATE this."
Wow, Gary, I'm sorry u is so woried about this raceism. You shuld probly right him inn on the balot.

President Pence--Yes, I think you should add him to the short list (is it short still?) of the presidential possibilities for the Republican Party in 2012. Radio Iowa's O. Kay Henderson gives the word for word like only she can from Saturday night's Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition banquet at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

I will bet you a six-pence he will be back in Iowa again.

Flying High--We were nervous about taking our 9-week-old on his first airplane to see his mommy's family in Tampa. Facebook friends gave us some good advice (keeping a pacifier and a bottle handy to help him when his ears tried to pop with the altitude changes). And they worked great! No problems at all. Although, perhaps, the true test will be when he and my wife return Monday night (I came back early for work). Make us proud, Hayden:)

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Anthill_Goddess said...

But he managed to spell Obama correctly!!

Apparently he's never heard of "mid-term elections"...possibly do a quick story on what those are?!?

Thanks for the irresistable giggle-fest that went on when I read really made my day!