Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lawmakers' questions to Kilcrease

she did answer a question that she doesn't think forcing iowa assn of school boards to comply with open records laws would hurt the organization's operations

when asked what kind of experience she had before coming to iasb..."i don't feel that is relevant to the conversation today"

what is the role/function of the iasb board? did the board have superior capacity over the executive director? kilcrease referred lawmakers to a packet from the iasb. she didn't provide additional details.

about her salary...were you there when your contract was signed? she cited 5th amendment rights. she also wouldn't address the validity of the signatures on the contracts

won't answer questions about her job duties...

do you have signed copies of your signed contract? will you provide copies to the board? kilcrease cited fifth amendment

did you interfere with audit of iasb? kilcrease said she doesn't have access to information/files on this

looks like her time is through. time to go see if she will answer our questions. see you on tv at 5 and 6 tonight

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