Thursday, April 08, 2010

Disney World

Greetings from Florida. We're finishing up a great visit with family in Tampa. We managed to get a quick day in at Disney World. O.K., my feet don't feel like it was a "quick" day. And, man, I wish I owned that place. They practically print money. Wow! But two impressive things I noticed were smiles and cleanliness. Nearly every worker was smiling and there was hardly any trash on the ground. Almost makes you forget you just paid 12 dollars for a hamburger. Almost.

I always feel like I'm a bit lost on what's happening back home when we go out of town. I didn't get to watch the first Republican gubernatorial debate. Anybody stand out? Did someone score any good points? Change any minds? What did you think?

I did a double-take watching the news down here. There was a banner across the tv screen that said, "Culver arrested". I thought, what did Governor Chet Culver possibly do that could mean he got arrested? Nothing, it turns out. It was someone down here named Culver. I guess 9 years in Iowa are starting to show. I think everything that happens has to involve Iowa! Not this time.

And what would you think if your boss wanted you to tell him who the "battery drainers" are at your office? An Orlando news director send out a message to staff saying he wanted everybody to list the three biggest negative workers. Apparently, they could do it anonymously. He asked for the biggest "battery chargers", as well. What do you think of this approach? Let's be honest. We all have people who don't work as hard as the rest of us. But are you comfortable ratting out the drainers at your place? Do you think it's appropriate for your boss to ask you to do it?

We're off to watch a little baseball tonight: Tampa Bay (don't call them "Devil" any more) Rays vs. the Baltimore Orioles. Growing up, my favorite St. Louis Cardinal was right-fielder, George Hendrick. He is the first-base coach for the Rays these days. I'd love to meet him. Let's play ball!

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