Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sarah Palin's book

Hey purple friends,

This week we're debuting our Purple Matters text poll by Catchwind. Here's this week's question: If someone gives you Sarah Palin's new book, "Going Rogue", for Christmas, what would you do?" You have 5 choices.

A. Read it right away. You betcha!
B. Maybe read it later.
C. Won't read it.
D. Re-gift it
E. Burn it!

Here's what you do...Dial the number 72466 on your cell phone. Then just text the word, matters. Only that word, matters. Nothing else. No quote marks around it...just the word, matters. After you send it, you will then get the question sent to you. Then you reply with your vote using the letter a,b,c,d or e.

Just so you know, we're not selling your cell phone number to crazy telemarketers, annoying political groups or anything like that. We won't share it with anyone.

Someone will win a $25 gift card from Starbuck's just for voting. We'll have one of these text polls every week. Maybe I should come up with a cooler name than "Purple Matters text poll". I'll get working on it:)

Thanks for voting. Please pass this along to friends and co-workers, so we can get the most people possible to vote. And we'll see you this Tuesday at 8pm central for our next show on another blizzard of the century hits.



Anonymous said...

Burn it. Its a fraud. I wouldn't wast my money on it.

desmoinesdem said...

I would donate it to the Planned Parenthood book sale, like I do with all books and magazines I don't want. Although I don't know who would buy it there... said...

Burn it. Can you imagine this woman as President of the United States? The very thought of it scares me to death and I'm fearless.

Anonymous said...

Desmoinesdem Your to late ,they have already been flooded with B.O.`s books.