Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DSM Council Member Mad at Mediacom

Des Moines City Councilman Brian Meyer, who represents the city's south side, doesn't seem too happy with the Mediacom-Sinclair dispute. The battle threatens to keep the Iowa Hawkeyes Orange Bowl match up with Georgia Tech off television sets across the state for Mediacom customers. The game is scheduled to be televised on Fox. (Today's Des Moines Register has some background on the stalemate. And in full disclosure, my station, WHO-TV, has a financial agreement with Sinclair owned-KDSM to produce the nightly 9pm news).

Here's what Meyer posted on his Facebook:

Mediacom is horrible. go get yourself dish network or directv so you can see the Orange bowl. You won't regret it. and btw, the city doesnt have anthing to do with the cable franchise. The legislature took that power away from us....and I'm ok with that. Call your legislator to complain about your cable.

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