Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Grassley Running Again

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley seemed surprised that some people wondered whether he was running...apparently, he still is in both ways...literally, on his feet running and also running for re-election next year. The only source to this "rumor" that he wasn't running, that I can find, comes from a Time magazine article that, I think, was only recounting a story of Grassley saying he would go retire because of all the craziness of the health care debate. But Grassley told us today he would be running to keep his seat (which he's held since voters elected him to the senate in 1980).

Grassley said, "I didn't think there was any doubt in anybody's mind about me seeking re-election. Although, I've made it very clear by having $4 million in the bank to help run the next election. That's cash on hand." (Grassley later said he had "almost" $4 million.)

The comment about how much dough he had raised wasn't directly asked of him. So was it, perhaps, a subtle reminder to that "mystery candidate" out there Democratic activists say will still emerge to take him on next year? Cha-ching.

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Jeffrey7500 said...

Of course he's running. He's the chairman of the Washington Gold Old Boys Club. That would be tough to give up along with the big, fat paycheck.