Monday, September 21, 2009

Govenor Asks for Help in Movie Money Scandal

Monday morning, Governor Chet Culver's office sent out a release asking other agencies to help investigate allegations of misspent tax dollars in the program to lure more movie makers to Iowa. The release is below. The governor has not spoken publicly about the scandal. His office released a statement at about 5pm on Friday. His staff said earlier this morning the governor has no public events scheduled for today.

Here's the release:


Governor Seeks to Protect Public Funds in Program to Support Growing Industry

DES MOINES - Governor Chet Culver today asked Attorney General Thomas Miller and Auditor David Vaudt to assist in a review of the Film, Television and Video Project Promotion Program administered by the Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED).

"This is not about harming the growing film and television industry in Iowa, but about protecting public funds and the best interest of Iowans," said Governor Culver. "I am very troubled by reports of the lack of oversight and accounting procedures of tax credits under this program. My first priority on this issue is to the taxpayers of Iowa, and I know that Attorney General Miller and Auditor Vaudt will help us to quickly identify changes that need to be made and how we can best move forward."

In a letter to the Attorney General and Auditor, as well as the Mark Schuling, Director of the Iowa Department of Revenue, Governor Culver asked them for a review of the film tax credit program, and to provide advice and recommendations on how the program can be improved in a way that meets the intent of the legislation which created the program and protects the interests of Iowa taxpayers.

On Friday, Governor Culver accepted the resignation of IDED Director Mike Tramontina and asked the Economic Development Board to not approve further tax credit certificates until questions about the administration of the program are answered.
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NOTE: Below is the letter Governor Culver delivered to Attorney General Miller, Auditor Vaudt, and Department of Revenue Director Schuling this morning:

September 21, 2009

Thomas J. Miller
Attorney General of Iowa
Hoover Building
Des Moines, IA 50319

David Vaudt
State Auditor
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319

Mark Schuling
Director, Department of Revenue
Hoover Building
Des Moines, IA 50319

Dear Attorney General Miller, Auditor Vaudt and Director Schuling:

By this letter I seek the assistance and review by your respective offices of the operations of the Iowa Department of Economic Development’s (IDED’s) Film, Television and Video Project Promotion Program and your recommendations as to how the administration of that program can be improved to assure that the Iowa General Assembly’s legislative intent is carried out and that the interests of Iowa’s taxpayers are fully protected.

As you may know, this program was originally established by the Iowa General Assembly under Iowa Code section 15.393. Under it, projects registered with IDED may qualify certain expenditures for tax credit certificates. The tax credit is for 25% of the qualified expe3nditures. A film investment tax credit equal to 25% of the qualified investment in a film project is also available.

In 2009, the Iowa General Assembly passed two bills related to the film credit. Senate File 480 expanded the credit to include compensation for the principal director, principal producer and principal cast members as long as these persons are Iowa residents or an Iowa-based business. The bill also made other changes based on the dollar amounts of individual projects. Senate File 483 created a cap of $185 million on various IDED programs, including the film tax credit. IDED has allocated $50 million of the $185 million for fiscal year 2009-1020 for the film tax credits. It has also drafted rules related to this program at Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 261, Chapter 36.

The Department of Revenue (IDR) processes tax credit certificates claimed on the income tax returns. IDR issues a replacement tax credit certificate if the original tax credit certificate is transferred to another person. IDR has drafted administrative rules in connection with the film program at IAC 701-52.34.

While there have been many reported benefits resulting from IDED’s implementation of this program, our office very recently learned that there have been insufficient procedures in place to assure a full and accurate accounting of expenditures made to enable persons to qualify for tax credits under the program. A memorandum outlining program administrative deficiencies issued by former IDED Director Michael L Tramontina is enclosed for your information and review.

Until all reasonable questions about the administration of this program are answered, I have directed IDED’s Board of Directors that no further schedules of qualified expenditures be approved nor any further tax credit certificates be issued.

I seek the review, advice and recommendations of your respective offices as to how this program can be improved and how pending issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively, allowing us to move forward in a manner that is consistent with the intent of this legislation and that protects the interests of Iowa taxpayers.

I pledge the full cooperation of my Administration in this effort and look forward to working in a productive manner with each of you with respect to these matters.

Chester J. Culver
Governor of Iowa


LP said...

Ask for help? Isn't it a little late for that? How did this happen? Who screwed up, the film guy or the Economic Development Director? This is freaking ridiculous! Get your s**t together

Jeffrey7500 said...

It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent our governor is. Children have been left in abusive homes and have died, or in my case my granddaughter was placed with her violent dad and has gone missing, while under the "care" of the DHS and Culver has done nothing. Then a money situation comes up at the Iowa Film Office and he thinks it might hurt his chances of being re-elected, so he's all over it in a day or two. This guy is absolutely hopeless.