Tuesday, September 01, 2009

AARP Survey

AARP released a survey today, saying older Iowans want major change. They want it this year. And they want it affordable for more people. The group surveyed 500 of its 400,000 Iowa members. It's pushing for a bi-partisan approach. But Iowa's congressional delegation, on the Republican side, seems to be split on this. Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Tom Latham have called for compromise. But Congressman Steve King said Republicans shouldn't compromise their principles. Do you want compromise or should the politicians stick to their party principles?


Anonymous said...

They should reject all proposals. There is no constitutional authority for congress to do any of this. If they insist on passing something it should leave everybody alone that already has insurance and only do something for the uninsured instaed of trying to take over the whole system.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous. The only thing they need to do is tort reform and cut the fraud. Billions and billions lost to fraud in Medicare/Medicaid every year! Clean up the mess they already made before they start something else. I don't trust ANY proposal since they stick things into these in the middle of the night. Steve King has it right- do NOT compromise your principles and what you KNOW is right. Stick to the Constitution.

Lee said...

Both of you "anonymous" posters may good points. Although, can't we just use our names in here, people? But something has to get done. Maybe I'm wishful thinking here. But there has to be a way to cut out some of the bureaucratic/paperwork costs and find ways to get more people covered by insurance. Health care is too expensive. We should have better outcomes with all the cash we spend on this! I'm for reform. Just don't speed through it and screw it up!