Thursday, January 18, 2007

Not Much Space in this Presidential Place

2 parties, 56 candidates, (O.K., maybe not quite that many) = 1 crowded town. We did a quick check of the 2004 former Caucus headquarters for the presidentials in downtown Des Moines. Most are taken already and not by people who want to be our next prez. In years past, the campaigns didn't have much problem finding vacant office space downtown. But with all the growth, that's likely not the case this next time around. And, yes, the campaigns and not-quite-campaigns have already been calling for weeks about available real estate.


Drew Miller said...

Saw it on TV! That Howard Dean building (and later IDP) was uuuuuugly on the inside too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave you need to look at what WHO radio Brian Gongol said on his website about HF 36
If the bill passes it could restrict the freedom to endorse candidates on a blog in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

That bill is unconstitional to start so I wouldn't get all excited using it to promote your own site Gongel.