Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Marvin Makes His Mark, Again

Come save us, Marvin Middlemark. Perhaps that water-powered potato peeler he invented isn't the reason we eat so many fries. But his other major invention is the reason many of us are watching football these days. Mr. Middlemark invented the rabbit ears, the only things, besides the dish, that allow 250,000 Mediacom cable customers to watch their local Sinclair-owned television station right now. Drake Journalism Professor Janet Keefer gave Mr. Middlemark his props during her testimony before the Government Oversight Committee.

Lawmakers had few questions for her, actually I'm not sure they even asked a single question. Even she said she didn't know why she was there. Dr. Keefer did compare the feelings people may have for both Sinclair and Mediacom right now to what she recalls from recently seeing a movie about Hitler and his mother. Not quite sure what that meant. I don't want to guess. I'll have to see the movie.

Lawmakers did seem to come after the two men from Sinclair the most and the hardest. This clearly was a topic that hit a nerve for lawmakers. Sure, they've heard from plenty of people who all of a sudden this month can't watch one of the local channels they had been used to watching. But they're affected, too. And they let these executives know it.


Anonymous said...

The amount of b*tching they did over this is ridiculous... It all comes down to the bottom line when dealing with corporations -- especially TV. Furthermore, the state can do NOTHING about it to begin with.
It floors me that legislators are willing to ballyhoo (and waste tax payers money) because they can't watch a channel on their televisions. Give me a break.
It's the start of the new session and the public already needs to hold these hacks' feet to the fire.

Leslie said...

Who else will fight for us. It seems amazing that these corporations do have the control that they do. If the legislators don't get it under control, nobody else will. I appreciate them being our advocates.

Anonymous said...

yea, if only they actually would do something instead of just huff and puff to look good for camera's. Oh, I forgot, we didn't elect them to do their jobs. Oops, my bad.

I side with mediacom on this one anyways. Sinclair is just trying to bully Mediacom to up our cable rates, so they can make more money. Hmm, higher bills or rabbit ears. I'll use rabbit ears, but I hardly ever watch that channel anyways. Not much on their anymore that isn't 110% PC anymore.