Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Britney Showing up in Des Moines

Britney Spears? Organizers are thinking about jazzing up the Iowa Caucuses by trying to book some entertainment types. One suggested someone like Britney. Will there be clothing requirements or would that take away from the "show"?

Here's the message she posted on her website (No, honey, I don't usually read this)
Sorry, it's a little hard to read


Anonymous said...

<-- hurls on self. :-/

Better choice: Anyone not in rap or wannabe pop music.

Anonymous said...

Addition: Two big acts that are perfect. Kill Hannah and Shiny Toy Guns. Both have huge fan bases in the midwest. Heck of a lot cleaner too.

Anonymous said...

It was quite surprising to read about Terry Rich and the other organizers' ideas of bringing big name talent such as Ms. Spears to the state as a way to prove that Iowan's really are "with it" and should represent the nation's interest by remaining first in the nation.

One would think that they would have done an iota of research before making such a statement.

Seriously... couldn't they even have paused for a microsecond in the checkout aisle of the grocery store??? That's all it would have taken to realize that Ms. Spears public image has gone from teen supermegastar to vapid white trash in the span of the last year.

Nice job by Mr. Rich et al of writing the material for the critics of our caucuses. We're not just going to be out of touch, we're going to issue a press release demonstrating just how out of reach we really are!


Hopefully this flies under the radar and doesn't make the Daily Show.

Thanks for the blog Dave! Keep us up to date!