Wednesday, September 13, 2006

South Dakota?

Should Jim Nussle know South Dakota?

South Dakota lawmakers recently passed that far-reaching abortion law. It bans all abortions except when the pregnant mother's life is in danger. The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing whether the law can stand. If the Court throws the case back to the states, Iowa leaders could decide whether to change abortion laws here.

Last week, Nussle got hammered by democrats who say he is writing one view on abortion and saying another. On a survey with the non-profit group, Project Vote Smart, Nussle he would go for abortions only in the first trimester and he would approve legal abortions in rape and incest cases. Then, when we talked with him, he said he only wants abortions if the mother's life is at risk. No exceptions. That would seem to be South Dakota's abortion law, right?

Nussle and his campaign both adamently said "no." Nussle told me South Dakota's law is so controversial because it doesn't include a provision for the pregnant mother's life. His campaign said the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you do this last week? Are you trying to create another story?

Anonymous said...

When it come to abortion they need to look at it this way. It has been around before it became known and put into doctor offices, and it will be long after if they out law it.

I would rather have a desperate teen go to Planned Parenthood and speak with someone and decide on their choice then run to a backyard doctor that will cut them up and leave them and the baby for dead.

If they out law abortions you will see increase in death of mothers and babies because you will never stop a desperate woman or man at that fact if they don't want the baby.

Stop trying to please the religous people just to get a vote. Wake up and realize that if you they ban abortion there will not only be the death of one but most likey two because they wont have the doctors they need.

I couldn't sleep at night knowing that can you?