Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is It Really That Hard to Say?


Another VIP visit, another botched pronunciation for Jeff Lamberti. The Veep called him LAMberti (punching the first syllable) and LamberTI (punching the last syllable). Today in Des Moines, First Lady Laura Bush also went with LAMberti. She did, however, correct herself. And in her defense, she correctly said his name a handful of times.

One slightly mangled word later turned to a missing word. Here's the setup: The First Lady was talking about Lamberti's prowess of managing money. (Mind you, we were carrying her remarks live on tv at the time) She said, "He helped pass the largest income tax in Iowa's history." I'm pretty sure the word, "cut", should have been in that sentence. Oops. Probably not quite the line the campaign was looking for as it tries to pin Leonard Boswell with the name "The Tax Man."

Those minor facts aside, it was apparent the First Lady's visit brought out the women. The crowd was at least 50% females.

Some numbers from the event...

Guests: 240
Total Take: $200,000
Parade Steps Taken (by Lamberti according to Dave Roederer): 114,086


Carly LaRue said...

This campaign is so nasty. Yesterday I was watching your noon news and 3 commercials in a row were of Lamberti blasting Boswell.

I am sick of it already and it is only goin to get worse I'm sure.

Why can't they all just tell what they would do to move the state forward?

Dave Price said...

Let em have it!

Campaign Headquarters
Mailing Address
Lamberti for Congress
P.O. Box 785
Ankeny, Iowa 50021

Campaign Headquarters
Physical Address
621 East Ninth Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone number: 515-265-8329

Email us today with your thoughts and suggestions at:

Boswell for Congress
PO Box 6220
Des Moines, IA 50309