Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is the Blitz Working?

The dems are coming back out for the Boz. The DCCC is again paying for tv ads in the Boswell-Lamberti congressional race. I can only find ad buys in the Cedar Rapids tv market so far (the 3rd Congressional district only covers a few counties in that tv market). I can't find any buys in the Des Moines market, which covers the bulk of the area.

I have heard from more than a few dems in the metro who worry the anti-Boswell ad blitz is a little too fierce. They want the dems to come after Lamberti on tv in Des Moines, too.

I haven't heard of any new polling that shows this race tightening yet. We'll see if all the ads make a difference. Of course, if you don't believe in polls anymore, this really doesn't mean squat.

Looks like the repubs will save us some gas money. They're supposed to name the Twin Cities as the host for the 08 convention. That makes traveling a lot easier. Now, we'll see where the dems want to go. How about Des Moines? (Yeah, I know. I know. We're not on the short list. )


Joan said...

Is there a list of possible Democratic convention locations? What do the latest polls show?

Anonymous said...

The list the Democrats still have is Minneapolis (they'll scratch that now), Denver and NYC.