Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perry's Oops Moment

Perry's History: We won't soon forget Rick Perry's "moment" at the CNBC debate, will we? I think people are still wincing at the thought of it. Perry's inability to recall the 3rd of the 3 federal programs he wants to eliminate will go down as one of the most blunderous (yeah, I may have made up that word) times in debate history. Social media and the internet will almost single-handedly make sure of it. The YouTube clips of it may soon reach 1 million hits. Water-skiing squirrels could only dream of viral fame like that. Here's the clip if you want to feel better about your own memory issues today.

But give Perry's campaign credit (unless you're one of those who maintain his campaign is now finished), it has tried to make a positive of this. The campaign's website gives you the chance to vote on which federal department you would like to forget. Someone thought of this pretty quickly, huh?


dnedwards said...

To give Perry a little bit of credit, last week at the University of Phoenix meeting in Des Moines with him he did admit he's not good with the debates and hoped to get better! Apparently he still needs some practice!

Jammer said...

I liked the way he turned to Ron Paul for help ... as if to say, "I got the idea of cutting departments from you so help me out here."

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest many will forget this because Perry is already so forgettable.