Sunday, November 06, 2011

Missouri Joins SEC

M-I-Z-S-E-C: This hardly comes as a surprise, but my alma mater, The University of Missouri-Columbia, just officially joined the SEC. So much for more than 100 years of history for Mizzou in the Big 8-turned-Big 12. While at one point early in my career I wanted to be a sports guy, I now lack the knowledge to know whether this move is good for Mizzou sports. I'm sure the revenue side is better, especially on the football side, since the SEC is home to powerhouses like Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Florida State. But, of course, even bringing up the question of money is a dumb one, because it is soooo obviously the main factor for all of this. It would be nice if it also somehow benefited the students, too, wouldn't it? Novel concept, perhaps.

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