Saturday, June 25, 2011

McCotter Coming to Iowa

Another Candidate?: Michigan Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotter has been making some news in Iowa. Did any of the politicos think he'd have someone put a bid in this past week for him to get one of the prized spots at the Republican Party of Iowa's Straw Poll in August? If they did, I never talked to them. The New York Times reported McCotter was the second highest bidder. Who knew? McCotter himself will be on his way to Iowa, according to former Iowa Speaker of the House Chris Rants. Rants told me tonight he isn't part of McCotter's presidential campaign, because there isn't a campaign. He said he will just "introduce him to some folks" in Iowa on Monday. McCotter will also headline the Iowa Tea Party bus tour's event in Ottumwa. The tour's website says the event will start at 5:30 pm at Central Park in front of the public library.

Rants said he hasn't actually met McCotter face-to-face, so it's premature to say he has any type of role in a possible campaign (Rants served on Mitt Romney's Iowa leadership team for 2008). What is McCotter up to in Iowa? Good question. His bid for the straw poll is a bit curious since the poll is now just seven weeks away. And with no campaign announcement yet and no Iowa organization to speak of, what kind of presence could McCotter show at the straw poll?

Sure is an interesting pre-caucus campaign in this state so far, isn't it?

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akble said...

Is it possible he purchased the site for another as yet "un- announced" candidate?
Remember Governor Marc Racicot working the Cedar Rapids State Convention as GW's surrogate before he announced