Sunday, June 05, 2011

Iowa Budget

June 6th: It looks like Monday should be a big news day in a whole bunch of ways.

Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds heads off on a trade mission trip to Asia. Governor Terry Branstad was supposed to lead that trip but since he and Democrats can't seem to agree on a budget, he will have to stay behind. And, yes, we are still talking about the fiscal year 2012 budget for the year that begins July 1st. When people first speculated about a government shutdown in April, it seemed very unlikely, didn't it? We are now less than 4 weeks away and it's difficult to envision an agreement this week. Why?

At 10am Monday, the Governor begins a 43-city tour of the state his office calls "Working Together for a Better Future". The first stop is scheduled for Ankeny. The governor is supposed to talk about his budget plans. We assume it's essentially the same budget plans he released in January.

Also, at 10am, Senate Democrats begin what they say will be budget hearings. They'll spend their first day talking about education during the hearing at the statehouse. They'll work their way onto other issues as the week progresses.

So if the governor is traveling the state this week and Democrats are busy with budget hearings, how will they ever reach an agreement on this? Am I missing something?

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Anonymous said...

Really 0 comments. So word is that State workers will be layed off from 06/24/2011 to 07/05/2011 so we will loose 7 days of pay. Many of us are impacted by this. We will not be able to apply for unemployment. And rumor is that they will probably impose furlow days from 07/01/2011 to 07/01/2012. So this will impact trying to pay their monthly bills, buy groceries, and utility bills. We will be swamped when we return. The state of Iowa will loose revenue. DHS will be impacted those people who maybe relying on their child support check, or getting their food stamps timely to purchase food for their children. Contractors New Applications will be delayed meaning they wont be able to start work because if they do they could be fined. But all thats ok. Because the Govenor will be able to give more money to Corporations. Yeah so how is he good for Iowans???

I am pretty sure he will pay all his bills on time, and wont be delayed in purchasing groceries for his family. Seriously. Politicians really need to throw out their personal agendas and work for the people. Not Corporate America.

And to Obama who things that Corporations are justified in not doing more to create jobs in this economy - Seriously... You've become complacent. Its disappointing. Recovery of our economy can't wait for New technologies to be created and training - get real. There needs to be a bridge. Its elementary. Common sense.