Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ethics Hearing on Clel Baudler, Albert Pujols Contract

Third Time's a Charm: For the third time, we await the state ethics hearing against Greenfield Republican State Rep. Clel Baudler. He admitted that he lied about having physical problems when he applied to get medical marijuana in California. Baudler said he got the prescription but never got it filled. And he only did this, he said, to show how easy it is to get medical pot. A local activist who wants to legalize medical marijuana filed the ethics complaint against Baudler for lying. The hearing takes place Wednesday. Well, we think it will. It's already been delayed two other times. The hearing is set for 12:30pm. We will be there. Unless it gets delayed.

Speaking of Waiting...: Albert Pujols is already one of the greatest players the St. Louis Cardinals have ever had. He is scheduled to be a free agent at the end of the upcoming baseball season. He and his agent gave the Cardinals until Wednesday at 11am to either get a new contract or shut down talks until after the season. If it's true Pujols is demanding an unheard of 10-year, $300 million contract and won't budge from that, then, Albert, it was good knowing you. There is NO way the Cards will pay that much, especially since that would make Pujols 41 years old when the contract ends. No sane fan thinks he will still be this good that far from now. Even the Yankees and Red Sox, two teams that seem to print money at will, can't think Pujols should get a 10-year contract, at least I don't think they will.

Having said all of this, the Cardinals sold fans that if they helped finance a new stadium for 2006 with millions of taxpayer dollars, then the Cards could be more financially competitive. Well, gentlemen, taxpayers gave you what you wanted and kept showing up 3-million-a-year strong in the seats. So now, it's your turn to make something happen with Pujols. And, Albert, how about being a little more reasonable? 7 years, $200 plus million? Would that really stop you from keeping food on the dinner table for your family? No, it won't. And, hopefully, your devoted fans, many of whom ARE struggling to keep food on the table, will keep paying too much money to see you play in the only the way you can.


RevRayGreen said...

Yeah Dave, we can sit here all night and make jokes and take pot shots. Reality is, there are many like me with Multiple Sclerosis who use marijuana as medicine, as an alternative that is not only safer and healthier, for many it is more effective.

We willl be there. Thanks to all the supporters and those coming to our side of righteousness against dishonest politicians who really are the biggest part of the problem facing progress.

Iowa Clemency Project

TheDeacon said...

Clel says he will fight Medical Marijuana in Iowa 3 days after Hell freezes over. Does that mean he knows that's where he will be? I know this, because of Clel Baudler I am forced to move from Iowa for the best and most complete modern medical care available in America. Gov Branstad, his ODCP, Clel Baudler and the majority of Iowa politicians are ignorantly behind modern day science & medical facts. I don't doubt that they even dispute the existence of the human Endocannabinoid system, come to think of it I doubt they know what it is! They are driven by the almighty dollar. Marijuana is no more harmful than, well there is nothing as safe and at the same time therapeutic as marijuana. Doctors, for the most part, do not know about Cannabis. Its been illegal to grow & research in America so what the hell would they teach. Only doctors trained in Europe, preferably Israel, know Cannabis health. The patients, through decades of first hand experience with marijuana, are teaching the doctors here. The politicians cannot be taught, they must be voted out of office. Start by Impeaching Clel Baudler as the lieing, ignorant gun toting blockhead that he is.

RevRayGreen said...

Prison for Lying?
February 15, 2011
A former candidate is going to prison for lying — but not for lying to voters.

We’ve often pointed out that the First Amendment gives candidates the right to say pretty much whatever they want to voters — whether it’s true or not. That’s why we make it our mission to help voters sort out fact from fiction.

But on Feb. 14, a federal judge sentenced former House candidate Tan Nguyen to one year and one day in federal prison for lying — to investigators. He had been convicted by a jury Dec. 7.

The conviction stems from Tan’s failed bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California in 2006. Tan’s campaign sent about 14,000 letters in Spanish to foreign-born registered voters with Latino surnames, warning that “emigrados” could go to jail for voting, and claiming (falsely) that a new database contained information about new voters.

This prompted state and federal investigations into possible illegal intimidation of voters. State officials cleared Tan in 2007. Senior Assistant Attorney General Gary Schons said, "We could not prove that there was an intent to intimidate lawfully registered voters," although "there’s no doubt there was an intent to intimidate unlawfully registered voters." The Civil Rights Division of the federal Department of Justice continued to investigate, but did not charge Tan with voter intimidation either. Instead, he was charged with — and ultimately convicted of — obstruction of justice, for denying to state investigators that he was behind his campaign’s letter.