Sunday, September 05, 2010

Afghan bailout, Debate

Afghan Bailout: I must say I didn't know much about this story, until I read about it today. But apparently, there was some talk/rumors, whatever you want to call it, that American taxpayers would be bailing out the Afghan government. Afghans are pulling too much money out. One of President Obama's press people, Tommy Vietor, who served as his communications director during the Iowa caucus campaign, sent this out to squash the talk (as reported in the Politico):

E-MAIL DU JOUR, to White House reporters, from Assistant Press Secretary Tommy
Vietor (via Ben Smith): “Some of you may have seen - or will soon get a call
from a flipped-out weekend editor - the Drudge Report headline that reads
'American Taxpayers to Bailout Afghan Bank?'. That's unequivocally NOT true.
Here is a statement that Treasury has been giving out from Deputy Secretary
Wolin: 'This is an Afghan issue. They are taking immediate steps to ensure the
stability of Kabul Bank and to protect the financial assets of the Afghan
people. While we are providing technical assistance to the Afghan Government, no
American taxpayer funds will be used to support Kabul Bank.'”

Not so sure the U.S. public would support another bailout, especially in another country, do you?
Great Debate: What do you make of this debate over the debates? Do you care? Western Iowa Congressman Steve King lives in a very red Republican district. He hasn't debated any of his Democratic opponents the past 4 terms and he apparently won't debate this year's opponent, Democrat, Matt Campbell. King said something like Campbell hasn't earned the right to debate him. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is refusing to debate his Democratic challenger, Roxanne Conlin, too. Grassley, who Democrats earlier in the year had high hopes of upsetting, seems to be faring very well in recent polls. Do King and Grassley both feel like they will just take a few lumps in the media for their refusals and then in November still win comfortably? Do Iowans deserve to see at least 1 face-to-face debate?

Weather Rants: Ever wonder what it's like to be a tv meteorologist? Here are a few of the emails people sent this weekend after seeing rain when they thought it would likely stay sunny:

Your weather channel on cable showed no rain today. It is raining. Why is that significant? Because I am at work and I left my dog outside and many windows open BECAUSE YOU SAID IT WOULDNT RAIN! You people never apologize or say you screwed up, not at least that I have heard of. How about you go on the air on EVERY BORADCAST and say..."WE ARE NOT SURE IF OUR FORECAST WILL BE ACCURATE OR NOT"?
I have the same amount of faith that you will do anything to admit your errors, as your forecast is accurate. If we all screwed up 50% of the time as you do, we would be out of a job. It is pathetic. I doubt you have enough courage to take this seriously and to respond...just as your weather forecast is unreliable you are as well.
I will be discussing this with everyone I know, let us see if we cannot lower your ratings and your revenues. Maybe then, you will have some integrity and admit errors - be accountable. The rest of us have too at our jobs.
Shame on you!

Wow, Jerri Ann really shouled learn how to forecast the weather. Dry all labor day weekend - I don't think so!!!!! Rain Sun. and looks like Monday also. Come on Jerri Ann - what's up?????
Now, for the record, I've heard our weather people say they missed a forecast on the air. Do they apologize when their prediction is one degree off? No, nor should they. But come on, weather isn't an exact science. It's a prediction. Oh, and when of them says there is a 30% chance for showers, that still means it can rain! So, don't complain when it does. OK, enough of this. It's raining. I had better shut the windows.

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Curt Brown said...

People that blame meteorologists for changes in weather clearly have other issues they should be working on. Like being sane.