Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Iowa Gubernatorial Debate

Great Debate: Are you nervous? Who's sweating more right now--Chet Culver or Terry Branstad? Which man do you think has more to gain or more to lose in their first statewide debate of this gubernatorial contest? Who feels the pressure? Cue Billy Joel...

Culver REALLY needs to do well in this debate, since he is trailing in the polls. Surely, he is feelng pressure to score some hits. His supporters say others like Tom Vilsack have been down big in September, but still won. Of course, Vilsack was the challenger back then (there was no incumbent in that race as they were trying to replace Branstad). Is it easier for a challenger to make a big comeback, as opposed to the incumbent? Culver would seem to need to "re-convince" Iowans he should have the job after they've moved away from him.

Branstad, on the other hand, has pressure, too. He can't screw up and let Culver get closer in this race. It's not always easy to just sit on the ball and run out the clock. Will he be able to not let Culver get to him like he let Bob Vander Plaats get under his skin during the Republican primary debate? Branstad can be at a loss for words, or better said, a loss for one particular word, sometimes when he speaks. If that happens, what will that look like on live tv? TV can be very unforgiving. For $19.99 I will sell you my bloopers tape to prove that!

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King of SNARK said...

The Big Lug Nuts --

Stumbling over Sioux City and nearly calling it Sewer Water City.

Culver not being able to name one mistake, let alone three shows his Mistake/Apology message is just a political move and insincere.

Culver, "The facts are getting in the way of the truth."

BRAIN SUCK instead of brain drain(Be Afraid!).

Terry Branstad is against Civil Rights?