Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kurt Warner, Dancing with the Stars

Star Player, Star Dancer?: Former Iowa Barnstormer Kurt Warner is done in the NFL. But, according to reports, he is taking his moves to ABC's "Dancing with the Stars". The show wrapped up its 10th season and enjoyed its best seasonal ratings yet. Athletes have joined the cast before, but Warner would be the first former quarterback. Politicians have tried, too. Former House Majority Leader Tom "The Hammer" DeLay and former Cincy Mayor Jerry Springer twinkled their toes. Just for fun, on Channel 13's "The Insiders", I asked our analysts which Iowa politician they would like to see on the show. Republican Mike Mahaffey went with Kim Reynolds, the Republican's nominee for lieutenant governor. Democrat Matt Paul went with western Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King.

Whose moves do you want to see on the dance floor? How about a Chet Culver-Terry Branstad dance off? Chuck Grassley vs. Roxanne Conlin? The president? How about Joe Biden? Just make sure they leave his microphone on the whole time!

The Weekend: My St. Louis Cardinals had an inspiring 9th inning comeback Saturday night, only to screw it up in the 10th. They are two games back from the Reds now. Who would have predicted that? My son peed (is it pee-d? the word just doesn't look right) on his aunt. Twice. My wife's grandma accidentally starting brushing her teeth with hemorrhoid cream. And someone ran into my truck and took off. Quite a weekend.

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