Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Behn for Governor

Tuesday, Republican Jerry Behn, a four-term state senator and farmer from Boone, announced he was running for governor. Another candidate this cycle already chose the non-traditional route to announce. Christian Fong announced via Twitter. Tuesday, Behn skipped a press conference, too. Instead, he spent 1 on 1 time with Iowa reporters to say why he was running.

Highlights from my conversation:

First thought about running in 2004. Backed out when Congressman Jim Nussle got into the race.
Decided to run this time after Governor Culver announced he wanted $800 million for bonding plan for infrastructure projects.
Wants statewide vote on ban on same-sex marriage.
"Not really at this point in time"--his response if a Terry Branstad candidacy would affect him.

Said Culver should call special session to deal with budget.

Culver's spokesman, Troy Price, responded with this response:

"The books for the previous fiscal year don’t close until the end of August, and so we won’t know what the final numbers are for FY09 until late September. We must wait until the books are closed next month before knowing whether a special session is even necessary. Governor Culver knows how the state’s finances work, as should be expected of any candidate running for governor."

It's on!

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