Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Behn for Governor: What about Branstad for Governor?

On the day Republican Jerry Behn, a state senator and farmer from Boone, announced he was running for governor, much of the talk still focused on the Republican who still hasn't announced his plans. Here's what Jerry Behn said when I asked how would it affect him if Terry Branstad got into the race:

"Not really at this point in time".

I talked to virtually every other candidate/"almost candidate"/candidate's campaign Tuesday to measure the Branstad factor. Would it affect the candidacy if Branstad runs?

Based on the conversations...I would characterize their responses this way:

Doesn't Matter:
State Rep. Chris Rants
Cedar Rapids businessman Christian Fong
Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats

Rep. Rod Roberts
Sen. Paul McKinley (both say they would evaluate whether Branstad was affecting their campaign after he entered the race)

Former GOP Chairman Mike Mahaffey--said hasn't made up mind whether to run yet
Former Sen. Jeff Lamberti did not return a call for comment

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