Friday, October 19, 2007

And Then There Was This...

Biden: Unlike Richardson, "I Don't Just Pull It Out"

My IowaVotes' colleague, Jarrett Schneider, sat in on this Friday a.m. in Des Moines. (btw, thanks to him for blogging here while I was surrounding myself with pineapples on my Hawaii honeymoon).

October 19, 2007 -- Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called out fellow Democratic presidential contender Gov. Bill Richardson several times by name during a coffeehouse visit with Democrats in Des Moines Friday morning.

Responding to an audience member's question about soldiers of the Iowa National Guard's 1st, 133rd being denied education benefits under the G.I. Bill, Sen. Biden -- in a single statement -- leveled criticism towards both the Bush administration and Gov. Richardson.

"It's a look into the window of how this administration has mistreated our soldiers - mistreated our veterans," Biden said. "I don't say that lightly. I'm no Bill Richardson. I don't just pull it out - I always kid Bill about that."

Later in the same question-and-answer session, a woman asked the Delaware Senator why he doesn't differentiate himself more from the other Democratic candidates. Biden started his response by saying he was not comfortable doing so, but then said he didn't have a problem pointing out differences with Richardson, who, "we've seen flip on a number of issues". Biden went on to say Richardson originally was in favor of Biden's Iraq plan, but then changed his position.

But Biden ended his response where it started, "I'm just not comfortable with it."

By Jarrett Schneider


Jim Durbin said...


I was looking for an e-mail to mention the MySpace/MTV presidential dialogues. Barack Obama will be in Cedar Rapids on October 29, and I was tracking response prior to the event.

If you'd like some more info, send me an e-mail to We're the division of MySpace doing the video polling.

Steven Wolvers said...

Barack Obama is most likely to get my vote as of today, But will the DSM Register or some reporter please ask the question I hear on the street most often but never adressed to any canidate. WILL YOU IF ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY THE USA MANDATE THAT ALL WORKERS BE TREATED EQUAL AND FAIR AND SUPPORT EVERYONE YES EVEN YOU ABD YOUR STAFF BE ON THE SAME EQUALL FOR ALL FUNDED BY FEW SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT Why do we the working people stand still year after year to watch every goverment employee retire at 50 or 55 get a nice pension then go back in goverment and get a new possition and still get paid. I will always suport fairness to all Steven L Wolvers Runnells Iowa