Sunday, June 24, 2007

Standup, Pushups and Cookies

Bill Richardson had 'em rolling at Drake University Friday. Richardson asked the room whether people liked his "job interview" tv commercials he's been airing. The overwhelming answer was "yes." Humor has been a big part of them and it was a big part of his Drake appearance. He tried about a half dozen one-liners. BTW, Richardson's poll numbers have reached double digits since the ads began after not being much above zero when they started.

Richardson also made a push for a national mandate for physical education for kids. "Find ways to invest in healthy breakfast for every child and mandatory physical education, " he said. I wondered how he instituted p.e. for all in his home state. According to New Mexico's Dept. of Education, he hasn't. High schoolers need just one year of p.e. over their four years there. K-8'ers have no statewide mandate at all. It's up to their school district.

So, no sweats, how 'bout some sweets? The event at Drake was called a "Cookies and Conversation". Organizers asked Richardson's campaign to submit his favorite cookie recipe for the event. The campaign sent in this recipe for shortbreads...


The Real Sporer said...

Glad to see you survived the storm Friday. Any chance you guys have footage of the divine censor's retribution over at the IDP?

Richardson is proving the classic liberal, how sad.

But on a brighter note, he did create a memorable TV ad.

Dave Price said...