Monday, February 19, 2007

Lights, Camera, Smokes

What a whirlwind trip to L.A. Everyone here's giving me crap about the glorious trip to the West Coast. Sure, the weather was good. O.K., it was really good. But unfortunately, there wasn't much time to check out the city (it was my first trip there). I never even got to see the Hollywood sign.

Tom Vilsack told me several times he wasn't nervous about being on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, even though about six million people watch that show each night (There were far fewer likely watching when Vilsack actually appeared since they buried him deep into the show) If he wasn't nervous, he was a little "different", it seemed to me. He's not usually the most outgoing guy, but, at the least, he was very focused on his appearance.

What did you think of it? His six minutes of fame were full of self-deprecation. He mentioned how the margin of error in the polls are higher than his numbers. Leno and Jim Carrey got some digs in on him, too. Leno got on him about his small traveling staff with him (I think Leno said it was two guys and a Hertz rental car). I'm curious what the masses thought of it. Did they think Vilsack came off humble or did they think he came off as a guy who accepts that he has no chance to win?

Speaking of governors...I asked Chet Culver what happened after he "outed" his wife as a smoker last week. Apparently, he's not been confined to the Terrace Hill doghouse. But when I asked whether his wife would quit, all he could say was, "we'll see."

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Anonymous said...

Think Vilsack did just fine. He's not too humorous, but he's trying.

As for Culver's wife smoking. Who the heck even cares if she smokes. It is personal choice of what someone does. Hey Dave, you drink wine, so you are evil. Or how about anyone who eats meats are bad people, because it kills animals. If we did not have these choices, well, America is really no longer America. Freedom will just become a word in the dictionary that got banned, because it offended some socialist neophite. And for technical facts of smoking, it's not the actual tobacco that causes all the health issues, it is the hoards of chemicals that our government allows the companies to put it them. Liek the little lines in the paper that make them burn straight, ie Gun powder. Yes, gun powder. Ok, stopping now. I can write a book on our freedoms and what we've lost in the last 15 years. It's a lot. ta ta