Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hotel and Room

John McCain's headed to Des Moines for his first visit to the state of the year on Feb 17th. McCain's holding a town hall meeting at the Hotel Ft. Des Moines. Former prez candidate Phil Gramm will share the stage. I'm told this won't be "the" announcement. That's still supposed to happen in the spring.

Barack Obama's peeps say they're running out of room. They booked Beyer Hall on the Iowa State Univ. campus for Obama's official prez announcement Sunday (holds about 1500 or so). Now, they're moving the event to Hilton Coliseum (that place holds 14,500 or so). They say they've already given away too many tickets, so they needed the bigger venue. Makes a nice set of stories to counter Hillary Clinton's overflowing gym event at East High in Des Moines last month, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! This guy is as scary as it gets. Used to be decent, but it is so blatantlly obvious he has completely sold us out over teh last few years. Oh, and I actually am a very conservative replublican, not moderate.