Sunday, November 05, 2006

Honest Abraham

Apparently an honest Christian is what many of you want to see in our next Governor of Iowa. Sandy Madden emailed, "Honest and trustworthy. The kind of guy that you would want to sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss current affairs. " She added, "Someone who can look you straight in the eye and not have to avoid eye contact."

Melody is looking for a Christian and she questions how you can be one if you engage in negative campaigning. "I would like to know why when our politicians are pleading their case as the best candidate for the job based on their track record, their morals and their vision for the future; they insist on bashing the other part as immoral, lacking vision and their inability to make good choices? If history has shown us anything, it is that our moral compass should be found at home and not in politics." She concluded, "You can't tout yourself as a devout Catholic, Christian or anything else but go against the moral code of what is fundamentally good or right by partaking in backbiting, hypocrisy and playing the blame game like we did when we were kids."

749 of you responded to our WHOTV.COM survey asking you to tell us the top quality our next state leader should have.

Here are the numbers:

Honesty 20.6%
Integrity 18.2%
Is a Christian 13.6%
Does what majority of Iowans want 8.5%
Works well with everyone/every political party 8.3%
Passionate about Iowa's future 8.1%
Morality 7.1%
Leads others effectively 5.5%
Cares about people 5.5%
Explains positions clearly 4.7%

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Amy said...

I am a Christian, a Sunday School Teacher and an Elder at my Church. It worries me that "a good Christian" is a category people think of when making a political vote. Although my vote is based on what I believe because of my religion, that does not make me count someone out who is not a Christian. There are plenty of very good people in this world who are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Atheist, etc. These people could make great leaders as well. Choosing someone based on their religion is a very scary notion and something I think we should stay away from. That kind of thinking is what has divided our country.