Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Breaking News?

Apparently, there's some "breaking news" out of the Capitol. Just a few hours before the event, this just arrived...

For Immediate Release
November 14, 2006
Contact: Brad Anderson


Governor-elect Culver to Meet with Secretary of State-elect Mauro
(Des Moines) Today Governor-elect Chet Culver will meet with and discuss transition with Secretary of State-elect Michael Mauro. There will be a brief photo-op and both Governor-elect Culver and Secretary of State-elect Mauro will give brief remarks.
Tuesday, November 14th
Governor-elect Culver and Secretary of State-elect Mauro meet to discuss transition.

WHEN: 3:45 pm
WHERE: Outside the Secretary of State’s Capitol Office


Anonymous said...

great, while Mauro's there, maybe he can show Chet how to do his job for the last few months he's in there.

Anonymous said...

Why should we care about this photo-op

Anonymous said...

who was that with Mauro when they arrived?

Anonymous said...

Young guy with glasses and either beard or goatee. They wizzed by awaiting press and into Culver's office.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what was the point of that presser?... Perhaps "Culver's Communications Shop" just wanted to test out press release email list?

I did enjoy the 10lb. "transition book" prop Culver handed off to Mauro. That's must-see TV.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the person is Mauro's top guy from Polk County. He seems to be pretty visible from time to time.

Was it me or did the book that Culver handed to Mauro look like there was dust on it. Did Paul Pate give that same book to Chet? Any help Dave? Did you see the book?