Friday, June 23, 2006

A-O.K. at IWD?

IWD says getting rid of its H.R. department is not CIETC-related. I'm struggling to find many people who believe this. IWD spokesperson Kerry Koonce says it's a way to "streamline" and save about 200 grand. So it's just a coincidence that two of the soon-to-be-laid off workers appear prominently in the state report analyzing the CIETC salary mess?

Jackie Mallory headed H.R. IWD employees tell me she should have known what was going on with all those bogus bonuses to the CIETC gang (Although, I can't find anything in the department's report that says that). Laurie Rieck was only trying to clean out old files when she came in around 4 a.m. the day after her two bosses got canned last April, at least that's what one of her friends just emailed me. Friend, even you must admit, at the very least, the timing of that decision just ain't that best, eh?

Other IWD'ers say the politicos just needed to make this whole thing go away. Getting rid of H.R. was a way to do that, they say. They tell me former IWD Deputy Director Jane Barto used H.R. to control who got hired under her and how many bonuses certain people got. So eliminating the department just makes sense.

You do feel sorry for all the good people at IWD, and CIETC, too, for that matter. It's gotta be rough dealing with all this crap. Hopefully, this will all go away soon. Well, at least until the grand jury comes back.

Outside the Dome...

Here's a post WHO-TV's web mistress Kelly just passed along to me... It's from News Copy New York's blog this a.m. Notice anything wrong, fellow "Buckeyes"?

Pataki's "Orgy of Patronage"
Iowa Governor, no, no, New York Governor George Pataki (R) has been busy racking up those frequent flyer miles to the Buckeye State while at the same time promoting his "political cronies, campaign contributors, longtime aides and their family members into often-lucrative state patronage jobs this week, putting them beyond the reach of the next governor for at least several years."

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