Thursday, June 22, 2006

How many does it take?

So I heard this joke at the Statehouse. It goes something like this..."how many lawyers does it take to spell CIETC?" Oh, wait, it wasn't a joke.

And this is only the attorneys helping with the CIETC hearings at the statehouse.
Here's the breakdown:

House dems have one.
Senate dems have one.
House r's have one.
Senate r's have one.

4 lawyers? 4 lawyers? Oh, wait, here's the punch line. I asked one of the Legislative Oversight Committee members who will pay for this. Who will pay for all four of these lawyers advising your elected officials on the same subject? The answer is, of That doesn't count the Polk County criminal investigation. That doesn't count the DCI investigation. That doesn't count the FBI investigation.

Thanks, Ramona.
Thanks, John.
Thanks, Karen.

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