Monday, March 15, 2010

Culver No Faith in IA Association of School Boards

This afternoon, the government oversight committee looks into Iowa's latest financial scandal. No offense to my home state of Illinois, but, seriously, is this Chicago? This latest scandal involves accusations of nepotism, fraud and over payments to an executive. Remind anyone of CIETC? Clark Kauffman, the investigative ace at the Des Moines Register, has blown this story wide open over the past week or so. It goes without saying his reporting has prompted the legislative investigation into the money management of the organization, which is funded primarily by tax dollars.

Monday morning, Governor Chet Culver held a news conference. He said, "we are very concerned about the situation" and he said he is relying on the attorney general for information. I asked him if he still has faith in the IASB. His response: "No. (long pause) And I doubt Iowans do given the seriousness of the allegations."

We are headed to the government oversight meeting at 4pm. More on this latest scandal tonight on the news at 6.

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