Sunday, December 14, 2008


It seems like it's been forever since Iowans first started talking about how corrupt the leaders of CIETC were. Iowa State Auditor Dave Vaudt released his report about this on April 1, 2006. Court testimony showed CIETC'ers and board members were giving themselves bonuses with an actual rubber stamp, sleeping with each other, gambling on company know, just like your office is, right?

Monday, the leader of this taxpayer screw-job is scheduled to find out how much time she gets in the slammer. Ramona Cunningham worked her way up (insert your own joke here) through the system from secretary to CEO.
Tuesday, it's the woman who said she had nothing to do with this scandal. She previously testified she used to come to work early to make coffee for everyone and ate soup at her desk for lunch. Karen Tesdell, CIETC's former chief accountant learns her fate.

Any chance taxpayers will ever get back the money the execs stole from them?

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